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Chocolate is an everyday commodity in most Western countries. Many fans aren’t aware of the efforts and hardship cocoa farmers are faced with. Knowing where chocolate comes from, how it is farmed, you’ll be able to appreciate the fine differences and have a better experience when tasting. Like with good wine, the origin country and the year of harvest determine a distinct flavour profile.

The Travelling Frenchman seeks out the most passionate cocoa farmers from around the globe. It is their exquisite cocoa beans which become the true stars of this exceptional, dark chocolate collection. From field to bar, produced by our trusted partners in the Netherlands and France.

Chocolate Origins

Getting to the bottom of where chocolate comes from.


The Travelling Frenchman is actually three  passionate individuals, convinced that a lot has yet to be explored in the vast and ubiquitous food industry. 


Products are organic where possible. However, organic certification requires a surplus in 

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