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Meet the Chocolate Coconut Chiller 🌴

Meet the Chocolate Coconut Chiller 🌴

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Your new favourite refreshment with a chocolate twist!
You will need:

  • TTF finest Single-Origin Chocolate Flakes
  • 200ml coconut milk, cooled, plus ice
  • a tall glass (we used a Hiball glass)
  • a normal mug (to melt the chocolate in)
  • a small whisk (or equivalent)

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Prepare the coconut milk in the tall glass, with or without ice cubes.
  2. Add 5 table spoons of Chocolate flakes to a normal mug.
  3. Heat up some water, and add 3 table spoons (~30ml) to the cup.
  4. This is important: Stir well with a fork or a whisk until you get a thick mixture.
  5. Pour the shot into the coconut milk.
  6. Stir well. Decorate with mint leaves & some fruit and serve quickly.




Did you know?
My chocolate is suitable for vegans. The chocpresso is vegan with only added water. The Chocolate Coconut Chiller is also vegan with just coconut milk as additional ingredient. The traditional Hot Chocolate can also be made with soja, almond or coconut milk.

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