Chocolate Origin: Bolivia

Bolivian Cocoa is officially recognised as one of the best in the world.You can imagine my excitement, securing a special batch of cocoa beans from the El Ceibo cooperative, based in the Andean Amazon. It’s a natural collaboration, that shares TTF’s environmental ethos: to enrich and protect the environment through a successional agroforestry system that preserves the quality of cocoa in this precious region.The Bolivian cocoa beans used to produce TTF’s creamiest 70% chocolate are grown diligently by the ‘socios’ of El Ceibo cooperative. Each farmer member cultivates cocoa on small farms (3/4 hectares on average) using only natural and organic methods. This so-called, ‘wild cocoa’ is grown without using chemical pesticides or fertilisers.
The generations of ancestral knowledge and experience of the cooperative results in a highly regarded, flamboyant cocoa; thoroughly appreciated around the world.

Origin Snapshot

Location: Andean Amazon
Organic status: Organic
Cocoa variety: Trinitario/Criollo

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