Chocolate Origin: Congo

Our chocolate from the Democratic Republic of Congo is creamy with smooth melting characteristics, allowing for a gradual progression of flavours in the mouth. Notes of roasted mocha, raisins, Morello cherries, nut, honey and the creaminess of butter make this a very special taste sensation.

The generations of ancestral knowledge and experience of the cooperative results in a highly regarded, flamboyant cocoa; thoroughly appreciated around the world.

The cocoa content is 70%, made from Amelonado beans.

Origin Snapshot

Location: Virunga Park, Demographic Republic of Congo
Organic status: Organic certified in 2017
Cocoa variety: Amelonado




In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Travelling Frenchman is working with smallholder farmers around Virunga Park, Africa’s oldest national park and also the continent’s most biologically diverse protected area.
The park is home to the last few hundred Mountain gorillas on earth. Despite its wealth in biological diversity, crossing the border from Uganda can be a shocking change of scenes: Eastern Congo is one of the word’s poorest regions. Unfair employment and also deforestation are clear issues here. Slavery and child labour are real threats in this part of Africa.

The cocoa farmers I work with have been certified organic in 2017 to give them access to higher prices when selling their cocoa on the international market. As part of the certification program farmers participate in social awareness classes, but also have a contractual agreement detailing the conditions under which purchase of their harvest can be guaranteed. Our import partners make regular unannounced checks on the fields and farmers know that any sign of child or slave labour would make them lose their spot in the program. In combination with the higher prices for organic beans, the incentive to stick to the agreed rules is strong.
Guiding the way in Congo by showing best practices of setting up a sustainable cocoa supply chain contributes to resolve these regional challenges. If you appreciate the quality of the end product, make sure to educate people about the difference of sustainably sourced cocoa for chocolate over “regular” conventional chocolate.

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