Chocolate Origin: Venezuela

Our chocolate from Venezuela smells fresh & spicy like a forest after autumn rain. The mahogany colour and its creamy texture hide its intense taste – so very smooth it melts on your tongue. Its low acidity helps to develop the flavour of forest fruits.
The cocoa content is 70%. It’s made from Trinitario beans, which are known to be fine or flavour cocoa beans, they are a stronger hybrid from other bean varieties.


Sur del Lago, next to the city Maracaibo.
Organic status: usage of pesticide is very limited due to the poor conditions of the farmers who cannot afford to buy it.
Cocoa variety: Natives varieties, mostly Crillolos and trinitarios. There has not been any introduction of new hybrid in the country because of import bans. This contributes to the unique taste of Venezuelan cocoa. The terroir “Lago de Sur” is considered as being one of the finest flavor cocoa in the world.


Amount of farmers reached by TTF: 13-20 farmers
Average cocoa farm size: small, 1 ha, average yield is also small (100 to 200 kg/ha)


Very unstable situation in Venezuela (energetic crisis due to the drop of oil price, high criminality, inflation….). There is quite some poverty and the cocoa farmers are generally small land owners who struggle to grow and sell decently their cocoa. The exports are very reglemented and one needs a licence to export cocoa, which make this origin always expensive.

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