Brazil Dating Culture: All You Should Know About Dating in Brazil

Dating in Brazil.

Hey, again! Your loyal TheTravellingFrenchMan is going to the next destination—Brazil! I’ve always been fascinated by Brazilian dating culture, and now I’ve got a chance to explore it.

Join me on an exciting journey across this dynamic country, where dating is a celebration of love. I’m going to reveal the mysteries of Brazilian romance, from traditional dating and marriage culture to insights into modern Brazilian couples on casual and serious relationships.

I’ve gathered so many insights that I can’t wait to share!

Prepare to be captivated and inspired by my journey through Brazil’s world of love, long chats, samba evenings, and feijoada feasts. Read on and learn everything about relationships with a Brazilian partner!

Traditional dating culture in Brazil

We’re starting to explore dating Brazilian girls and guys with Brazilian dating customs that have been around for thousands of years.

Courtship and romance traditions

Brazilian men are known for their charisma and determination when it comes to pursuing their romantic interests. At the same time, Brazilian women are famous for embracing their femininity and elegance while projecting confidence and sensuality.

The two create an amazing romance mix!

During my time in the country, I’ve learned about traditional gestures and their origins that are still cherished and appreciated:

  • Sending flowers—It seems to be a universal gesture of appreciation. But in Brazil, there’s an interesting tradition of sending orchids, where each orchid flower symbolizes a kiss.
  • Serenading—A Portuguese tradition that was integrated into Brazil while it was a Portuguese colony for over 300 years. And there’s also a Brazilian type of sentimental love song called Modinha, yet some can argue that it’s of Portuguese origin.
  • Vibrant expression of affection—Millions of Africans were imported to Brazil through the transatlantic slave trade, which brought African influences. They mixed well with traditional, vibrant displays of affection and love for samba da roda.
  • Passeggiata—One of the other cultural influences on the traditional Brazilian dating culture was Italian immigrants who introduced “stroll” or “passeggiata,” a.k.a. couples walking together in beautiful public areas.

Most Brazilian girls and guys still follow these century-old traditions, which adds a unique edge to the modern Brazilian culture of dating.

Religious influences on relationships between Brazilian women and men

  • Around 57% of Brazilian men and women are Roman Catholics
  • More than 70% of people in Brazil consider religion to be very important in life

Brazil has a diversified religious landscape, with Catholicism traditionally being the main faith. Catholic traditions, such as church marriages and the focus on family values, have influenced dating habits.

However, in recent decades, the influence of other religions and secularization have resulted in more diversified dating patterns and less pressure on Brazilian couples.

Modern dating culture in Brazil

Like all countries in the world, Brazil couldn’t escape foreign dating practices. As if colonization wasn’t enough…

But American romcoms will get you everywhere 😉

Movies might not seem like an important factor, but romcoms, celebrities, and a growing number of tourists in Brazil have increased the adoption of American and European dating trends.

Influence of the American culture on dating Brazilian women and men

Some of the main influences that I’ve noticed and found during my extensive research were:

  1. An average modern Brazilian girl shifts towards independence and empowerment. Women in Brazil no longer follow only traditional gender role rules, as many pursue education and careers and don’t mind approaching a Brazilian man first.
  2. An average Brazilian guy also adopted American trends in gender labor division. That isn’t an easy shift, as in Brazilian culture, as well as many other cultures in South America, “the Man of the house” wasn’t expected to do any “women’s work”. But nowadays, a mindset has evolved.
  3. Most Brazilians accepted casual dating trends brought from the US. Though casual flings are still less common, people want to explore their sexuality more and don’t jump into long-term relationships at a young age.

There are some main modern tendencies, but if you’re planning on dating a Brazilian woman or man, it’s worth diving into the modern mentality of your Brazilian date a bit deeper.

The emergence of modern dating practices compared to American dating

If there’s so much influence from the US, the question arises is Brazilian culture different from American dating?

I’ve got the answers!

Brazilian couples don’t rush to get the label of a “serious relationship”

Brazilian dating is relaxed, with people preferring to go with the flow and allow the bond to develop spontaneously. Relationship labels and precise deadlines are less important than they are in American culture, where there’s a more systematic transition from the first “dating” period to being “exclusive” and, finally, “official.”

Instead, I’ve noticed that dating in Brazil emphasizes enjoying every moment and allowing the relationship to develop naturally.

Brazilian people are also fans of dating apps and websites

With the effect of modernization, certain aspects of American dating customs have made their way onto the Brazilian scene.

Online dating applications, for example, have grown in popularity among Brazilian singles, giving them an opportunity to meet potential dates outside of traditional social groups.

So, now you know that dating a Brazilian girl or guy is a unique mixture of local traditions with considerable influence from many cultures.

If you feel intrigued by the exciting culture in Brazil, let’s move on to the best places for a foreigner to search for beautiful women and attractive men.

Where to meet Brazilian women and Brazilian men?

There are many ways to meet people from Brazil, but all of them can roughly be divided into online and offline options.

Online dating in Brazil to meet a Brazilian woman or guy

Trying to look for a single Brazilian woman or man online is probably the number one piece of advice I got from local singles and couples.

During my fair share of googling, I found a lot of stats supporting these recommendations:

  • According to Statista, the number of online daters in Brazil is expected to reach 17.6 million by 2027
  • The country is in the top 10 countries by the popularity of dating apps and websites

And according to stats, one in four couples meet online nowadays, so exploring the dating pool on Brazilian dating apps and websites is a smart move.

During my interviews with single Brazilians, couples in long-term relationships, and married couples, I got a lot of recommendations. And here are the best ones!

Rank Site Free Trial Link  
#1 La-Date
#2 ColombiaLady
#3 LoveFort
#4 LatamDate

Offline dating in Brazil

Another option for meeting single Brazilians is to visit Brazil itself.

As a sucker for traveling, I couldn’t miss out on a chance to promote expanding your horizons and see the incredible culture in Brazil first-hand. And if it can also be your chance for dating a Brazilian, getting that first date and second date, and potentially experiencing that “happily ever after.”

However, I don’t want you wearing pink glasses. When you land in Rio de Janeiro or any other city in Brazil, singles who are interested in dating a foreigner won’t jump on you with date proposals.

You should approach offline dating in a positive way but still be realistic that it takes time and money and that you don’t have guarantees of meeting someone special for the type of relationship you seek.

My advice here is to join a popular dating app, like those I recommended, approach potential dates, build a connection, and then fly over for an IRL first date. And when you’re in Brazil, check out my recommendations on the best first-date spots tested by me.

TheTravelingFrenchMan recommends: The first date locations in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

  • Copacabana Beach. One of the world’s most famous beaches, with a dynamic atmosphere and beautiful ocean views. Many couples have beach picnics there.
  • Jardim Botânico. A botanical garden featuring a variety of plant species and strolling routes. There’s also a nice Confeitaria Cister that serves delicious pastries and coffee.
  • Santa Teresa District. A bohemian and creative district popular for its picturesque streets, cafés, and art galleries. If your woman or man is an art lover, it will definitely be a hit!

São Paulo

  • A Casa do Porco. A hip restaurant that I spotted for its creative pork dishes. If you’re there, try pork jowl sushi and pancetta crackling!
  • Ibirapuera Park. A huge urban park with lovely green grounds, lakes, and entertainment.
  • The Coffee Lab. One of the popular coffee shops offering one-of-a-kind coffee is a great spot for a date.

Challenges of dating in Brazil as a foreigner

Dating Brazilians might be very natural, but as with any international relationship, it may also come with challenges. Here are the main challenges I’ve noticed in relationships between foreigners and Brazilians:

  • Language barrier. Only 5% of Brazilians say they know English. In reality, it feels like this percentage is a little higher as I met many Brazilians with decent English levels. But still, if you don’t speak Portuguese, communication with girls and guys can be a challenge. The language barrier makes it hard not just to ask for a date but to form a deeper bond that makes you and the other person interested in that next date.
  • Cultural differences. Brazil has a distinct cultural identity, and negotiating cultural differences and adapting to new things can be difficult. Understanding and being accepting of Brazilian customs, traditions, and social norms might take time and patience, but it’s worth it!

I believe that if both partners are interested in making the relationship work, no challenge will stop the power of love and determination.

So, explore Brazilian culture, and don’t let the challenges stop you from meeting your partner for life!

Relationship advice: Tips for foreigners on how to navigate the dating scene in Brazil

Before you jump into dating Brazilian women, check out the tips I gathered. They won’t only help you meet a woman or man you like but also make your relationship work long-term.

  • Find a reliable dating platform that is suitable for your dating goals. Romance scam is still a thing, so don’t join the first website you see. Do your own research, follow recommendations you trust, and keep your dating goal in mind when choosing the website.
  • Learn some Portuguese. There’s no need to be fluent, but knowing a few basic phrases and compliments might help you a lot. Trying to speak Portuguese a bit will express your interest in your partner’s culture and improve communication.
  • Talk about meeting parents (if you’re ready, of course). Meeting the parents is a crucial stage. It shows the relationship is maturing and that both parties are willing to commit.
  • Don’t be Joey; share your food. Meal sharing is a key element of Brazilian dating culture. Going out for a romantic dinner or cooking a special meal at home together is a common way for couples to spend quality time together and express their love.
  • Be ready for public displays of affection. Brazilians are very comfortable with PDAs. If you’re a bit shy, be prepared that your partner will flirt a lot and want to do fun romantic activities like holding hands, hugging, and kissing in public.

Keep my advice in mind and dive into your journey of fun romance in Brazil!


Brazil is a great dating destination. It has a vibrant culture, welcoming people, and many singles open to international relationships. But traditions, customs, religion, and family influences add to the adjustment curve.

I had the time of my life there and met so many new friends. So, if you want to start dating as soon as possible, join a Brazilian dating platform and let your love journey begin!

FAQ from readers

Is dating in Brazil difficult for foreigners?

It may have some challenges and bumps down the road, but I wouldn’t say it’s very difficult.

How does Brazilian dating culture differ from American culture?

The main difference is being more laid-back about the status of your relationship. There’s no pressure in society or family to have “official status” unless the person you date is religious.

Can foreigners date Brazilian people?

Sure thing! Foreigners can and often do build relationships and even families with Brazilians. There are many singles online who are open to international dating.

What are some tips for navigating the dating scene in Brazil?

My main tips for navigating the Brazilian dating scene will be to find a reliable online dating website, be active in approaching potential dates, make friends, and not rush the relationship. Let things grow naturally.

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