Where & How to Find a Vietnamese Wife as a Foreigner? 4 Must-Know Places

Vietnamese wife.

Bonjour, mes chéris! My trip to Vietnam was so amazing. I had so much fun, ate Banh mi and Bo Kho, enjoyed beaches, rivers, and Buddhist pagodas… but I also didn’t forget about my main mission—boosting your international love life.

I spent 15 days in Vietnam and got to chat with more than 50 single and married Vietnamese people who shared all the secrets of successful relationships and tips on how to find a Vietnamese wife as a foreigner.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into all of my findings, aka the 4 best ways to find a wife in Vietnam.

#1. Mail order bride & international dating sites

Every time I asked a Vietnamese woman or man, “How to get a Vietnamese wife?” the first answer was—online. And that’s not even shocking, as:

  • Around 65% of single Vietnamese women and men are using at least 1 dating app
  • According to Statista, the most active age group among online daters in Vietnam is 25-34, and the runners-up are 18-24 and 45-54-year-olds

I’ve also tried to look for beautiful Vietnamese women online, and that’s how I got 7 great dates.

But when you want to start dating Vietnamese brides online, and not just any Vietnamese lady. You need to know where to search for the right online dating websites. Locals told me about the differences between the sites and apps they use:

  • Casual online dating sites and apps. There, you’ll find Vietnamese girls interested in short-term NSA relationships, hookups, and other forms of casual relationships.
  •  International dating sites. These platforms can have both women interested in something casual as well as Vietnamese ladies looking for a long-term partner.
  •  Mail order brides websites. That’s a sweet spot for you, as mail order bride websites are designed for Vietnamese women interested in serious relationships and marriage. Usually, Vietnamese mail order brides are interested in meeting foreign husbands and don’t mind moving abroad.

Note: Vietnamese mail order wives are not women for sale. You can’t buy a Vietnamese wife. I’m sure that you are probably laughing right now, but you don’t even realize how many people assume a Vietnamese mail order bride arrives at their doorstep.

So, if you want to find a Vietnamese wife, I’d recommend going for the last two options. This way, you’ll have thousands of like-minded individuals who are on the same page in dating life and are also searching for foreign husbands.

Save time and nerves! 🤩

If you are not sure yet, let’s explore the pros and cons of online dating sites for dating in Vietnam.

Pros of online dating
  • It’s easier to meet Vietnamese women online as you have thousands of options.
  • It’s cheaper as you pay just for subscriptions or credits, not spending $4,000+ on travel, accommodation, dates, etc.
  • It’s faster, as most Vietnamese women you meet are also interested in marriage and ready for it.
Cons of online dating
  • Romance scams are still a thing, and no dating site can guarantee 100% safety.
  • Communication on dating sites is usually paid, so if you are not ready to spend $20-$50 a week, it’s not the best option for you.
  • It’s hard to find a dating site that fits, as tons of dating services can make you confused (but I’m here to help you out 🥰).

And if you need recommendations for reputable dating sites that work for foreigners, here are a few options that I personally tested.

1) EasternHoneys

Best for:
Those who want to find Vietnamese girls who can really listen
What I can say about it:

This dating site has many single Vietnamese girls as well as other Asian women open to long-distance romance with foreigners. EasternHoneys is convenient, provides cool communication ways, and makes searching for a perfect foreign woman fun. My favorite feature is Newsfeed, as it’s like social media, where real Vietnamese women post photos and videos.

More Information
Gender ratio:

2) TheLuckyDate

Best for:
Those who seek Vietnamese ladies ready for photo/video exchange
What I can say about it:

This international site can help you meet Vietnamese women for marriage, but at the same time, keep your options open to other Asian women as well as other foreign beauties. TheLuckyDate introduces fun interactive matching, instant chat, and my personal fav disappearing photos and videos.

More Information
Gender ratio:

3) Asian Melodies

Best for:
Those who want to find beautiful Vietnamese women fast
What I can say about it:

AsianMelodies is a good option to consider if you want to find a Vietnamese girl through easy search ways, have a lot of communication options, and enjoy chatting with verified users. I like how easy-to-use and convenient AsianMelodies is, and I can spend hours using the interactive matching feature People!

More Information
Gender ratio:

4) SakuraDate

Best for:
Those who are looking for Vietnamese mail order brides who won’t waste your time
What I can say about it:

That’s your place to find a future Vietnamese wife if you like modern interfaces, notification tracking, and getting recommendations from beautiful Vietnamese brides. SakuraDate has a really detailed search and fun interactive matching. My personal favorite feature is letters, as they have an old-school charm.

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Gender ratio:

#2. Traveling to the country to meet Vietnamese women

Je ne peux pas vivre sans voyager 😍!

This means that your loyal TheTravellingFrenchMan won’t stop recommending traveling to you. Visiting Vietnam can be a great adventure. The country has so many spots to explore and food to try, and it’s very tourist-friendly.

But when it comes to searching for Vietnamese women who can be your potential partners, it’s possible but not as easy as you may think. Don’t expect to walk the streets of Ho Chi Minh City and get a Vietnamese girl to marry.

Challenges of searching for Vietnamese ladies offline

From my experience, most Vietnamese ladies are open to chatting with Western men and talking to many of them. I learned that many don’t mind being in a relationship with a foreigner. It’s quite common, as many local women date and marry foreign men.

But here are the challenges you may face:

  • Cultural differences. Vietnam is a very spiritual country with lots of Buddhist temples. Buddhism and Vietnamese culture have a big influence on how people live and what attitudes they have. So, it’s worth exploring the peculiarities of Vietnamese dating.
  • Language barrier. Vietnam has moderate English proficiency, which may make you think that all Vietnamese women and men have decent English. From my experience, things in the big cities and more touristy areas are not bad, but if you go to more rural areas, you’ll need a translator.

All of the above adds challenge to searching for a Vietnam bride. 

Best places to start dating Vietnamese brides

If you are curious about dating Vietnamese women, here are some spots to check out to increase your chances of meeting Vietnamese brides who are open to serious relationships:

  • Hobby groups and clubs
  • Gyms or sports clubs
  • Language exchange classes
  • Churches
  • Volunteering (especially in international centers)

Well, you can check out popular restaurants and coffee shops as well, but I thought that’s a bit boring option, and I can’t say they shout, “There are women who want to marry foreign men.”

Still, I’m sure there are some 😉.

TheTravellingFrenchMan recommends 3 places to take a Vietnamese girl on the first date

  • Hoi An’s gorgeous flower gardens and tranquil canals for a slow-paced date with stunning view
  • Chic beach resorts for a beach restaurant date with lots of delicious seafood
  • Vintage cafés or rooftop bars around Hoan Kiem Lake for a date with a wow effect 🤩 

#3. Social media apps: Can I find a decent Vietnamese woman?

Social media platforms are an inseparable part of our lives in 2023, so much so that many confuse Instagram or Facebook with dating sites 2.0.

Though social media can help you find many young Vietnamese women, it’s not exactly a dating site for international dating. Let’s explore all the pros and cons this option has.

Pros of searching for a Vietnamese bride on Instagram/Facebook

  • Social media platforms have more Vietnamese women than dating sites
  • You don’t spend money on communication with Vietnamese girls
  • You already know how to use the social media app

Cons of social media for Vietnamese bride search

  • You need to spend x5 time to find a Vietnamese girl you like
  • You never know the relationship status of a person
  • The reply rate is really low
  • Most Vietnamese women don’t take foreigners approaching them in DMs seriously

I tried to find a date through Instagram when I was in the country. I was lucky not to be left on read that often, but my French charm didn’t work on local women. I didn’t get a date out of social media.

But I know that some people do.

So, train patience and be ready to spend a lot of time searching for a Vietnamese girl if you choose to search for your Vietnamese bride on social media.

#4. Marriage agency & brokers with real Vietnamese brides

Another option to find a perfect Vietnamese bride is through a marriage agency or brokers. But there is a catch, as you need to find a marriage agency that is not a scam.

Ideally, such agencies are a great way for people who want to meet Vietnamese ladies but don’t want the hustle of searching, as their work (or any other reason) doesn’t combine with spending hours on Vietnamese girlfriend search.

Another big perk is that specialists pick the best Vietnamese mail order wife personally for you based on your compatibility, plans for the future, or even sexual drive. 

But unfortunately, there are not many marriage agencies who are really interested in getting you a Vietnamese mail order wife and not just getting the most cash out of you.

So, if you go for this option, be very careful while picking a particular service and don’t pay a lot. And it’s also worth mentioning that you need to be ready to spend at least $5,000 on searching for a Vietnamese bride this way.

Getting a Vietnamese wife online is way cheaper, you know 😉.  

Conclusion – What is the best way to meet a single Vietnamese lady?

It’s not as hard to find Vietnamese brides as you might think. There are so many ways to meet Vietnamese girls who, unlike Western women, are open to building not just a relationship but starting a family with traditional family values.

All of the ways I recommended can help you meet real Vietnamese wives, but if you want to go for the most convenient and effective option, explore niche online dating and join a Vietnamese mail order bride site.

Good luck! ❣️

Philippe Berry
The Travelling French Man
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I’m passionate about exploring the world, enjoying the best of it, meeting new people, and falling in love. I believe that love and travel are what I was made for. And I’m here to share my story and honest opinions with you!