Best Asian Country to Find A Wife — My Personal Top 6

Best asian countries to find a wife.

Your loyal TheTravelingFrenchMan has been traveling around the world for over 15 years. I’ve been to 33 countries so far and not planning to stop. My recent dating adventures were in Asia, where oriental bliss inspired me to create a list of the best Asian countries to find a wife.

So, if you are looking for the best Asian country to find a wife, welcome to my personal top!

  1. Japan
  2. South Korea
  3. Thailand
  4. The Philippines
  5. China
  6. Vietnam

1. Japan – Get a wife with traditional values

Dating in Japan.

Japan has stolen a piece of my heart. And for many reasons, it is a truly intriguing and unique country.

There is something for everyone in Japan, from current pop-culture phenomena like anime and manga to old traditions like tea ceremonies and traditional theater. But the contrasts don’t stop there as I was equally amazed by the world-known cherry blossoms and mind-blowing technology never seen in other Asian countries.

This is a land of welcoming Japanese women and men, a unique blend of culture, cuisine, and technology, which makes it a truly captivating country to explore for searching for a life partner.

I’ve been in Japan for over two months and think Japanese girls are good life partners. Here are a few statistics that I love the most about relationships in the country.

My fav facts about dating in Japan

  • Japan is encountering a rapidly aging population, so many Japanese women and men opt for international marriages
  • 40% of Japanese guys in their 20s-30s have never been on a date
  • 1 in every 5 newlyweds in Japan meets online
  • According to the survey, 65.8% of Japanese guys and 51.8% of ladies in their 20s are single, and in the division of singles in their 30s are 35.5% and 27.0% respectively
  • 80% of single people using dating sites say they want to have a relationship

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2. South Korea – Get the most Westernized Asian wife

Dating in South Korea.

With its K-pop and K-drama influences, exquisite food, breathtaking scenery, and hardworking people, South Korea provides a unique dating experience.

Dating in South Korea may be intriguing and easy if you know how to date these Asian women. As traditional values are deeply rooted and cherished by local girls and guys, yet they don’t mind copying romance trends from Western women and men, making them one of the most Westernized dates among hot Asian girls.

I believe that for a Western man, dating in Korea may be an intriguing and fun experience. I’ve been to the country not so long ago, and here are some of my favorite facts about these Asian women and men.

My fav facts about dating in South Korea

  • Over 5M Korean people use local and international dating sites
  • South Korea has the highest per capita seafood consumption of 78.5 kg among all Asian countries, so be ready to have sushi dates with these Asian brides
  • Many Korean women are tieing the knot at 30+, which is one of the highest rates in South Asia, and more than average for ladies in the US
  • 40% of single households in South Korea, which means that many people are remaining single

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3. Thailand – Be charmed by the smile of Thai girls

Dating in Thailand.

Thailand is a fantastic destination for searching for a loyal wife. Getting along with locals is simple since Thais are so kind and hospitable. Traveling to magnificent temples and taking part in unique festivities, you can discover the region’s rich cultural legacy. Oh, and the natural beauty of the country offers so many romantic backdrops for dates with your Thai woman. From picture-perfect beaches in Phuket to lush mountains in Chiang Mai, I still remember the views when I close my eyes.

Delicious street food of Thai cuisine can offer a pleasant gastronomic vacation as well. By the way, most of the Thai girls are great cooks! Oh, and their smile… you just can’t resist it!

Thailand’s warm hospitality, cultural diversity, and stunning scenery make it a wonderful spot for a love search. Still, the dating culture in Thailand is different from relationships with other Asian women. During my time in the country, I’ve gathered so much interesting info about local people’s dating scene. Check out my faves!

My fav facts about dating in Thailand

  • 61.6% of Thai women and men started dating someone they met through online dating websites
  • 31.68% of Asian women and men use dating sites a few times a week
  • 75% of Thai people have been on virtual dates at least once

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4. The Philippines – Meet the most popular Asian girls

Dating in Philippines.

The Philippines is the Asian country that I’ve been to recently, and it has such a unique charm. And local women and men are who truly make it special. The country was made for romance, as its natural beauty is simply breathtaking. Those stunning white beaches in Boracay and lush green landscapes in Palawan are just one of a kind.

Sooo many cool first-date spots!

Oh, and how Filipino women cook! Local cuisine is a huge highlight for me. Even thoughts of lechon and halo-halo make my mouth water. Though I’ve been in the country just for two weeks, I’ve enjoyed my time meeting Filipino women and men, who are one of the most welcoming people on Earth. Here are some of my favorite romance facts about the Philippines.

My fav facts about dating in the Philippines

  • Around 42% of Filipino women and men use online dating websites, and the number rises to 56% among Millennials
  • The Philippines has a high proficiency level in English, which is a big perk when dating in Asian countries
  • Filipino girls and guys marry American partners the most often, 26.8% and 16.6% respectively

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5. China – Do Chinese women make the best wives?

Dating in China.

China has a distinct fusion of culture and romance that I have never seen anywhere else. Chinese dating culture is steeped in tradition and history, making it a unique experience for Western guys.

The idea of “guanxi,” which means personal relationships, is an intriguing feature of Chinese dating culture. It’s a core thing for Chinese ladies and guys to build trust and loyalty in a serious relationship. Such core values make a Chinese wife one of the best for Western men.

Oh, and I can’t miss mentioning that China has so many great places for dates, from The Bund in Shanghai to enjoy the vibrant energy of the waterfront promenade to the Forbidden City in Beijing to step back in time and have an adventurous date. Of course, Chinese food is an incredible way to bond with your date. It was my go-to when I asked a Chinese woman on a date.

But during my time in China, I didn’t just eat; I gathered important info, which shows how good the country is as a dating destination.

My fav facts about dating in China

  • There are around 150M monthly visitors to online dating services among Chinese girls and guys
  • According to Statista, over 56% of the men in China are single, and 39% of women, which is 200M single adults
  • Chinese people are open to international relationships. In 2021, 245 men and 549 women married foreigners in Shanghai

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6. Vietnam – Find a wife with unique Asian beauty

Dating in Vietnam.

Vietnam is an awesome place to find Asian brides who have unique beauty, easy-going personalities, and a mix of traditional Asian values.

There are many Asian ladies in the country who will be open to building wonderful moments together, whether you’re relaxing on the gorgeous beaches of Nha Trang or traveling across the stunning seas of Halong Bay.

Vietnamese culture provides a unique touch to your dates, as local people are very welcoming and kind. And historical sights add a romantic vibe. And don’t get me started on the cuisine! Sharing a bowl of delicious pho or trying the best street food with your Vietnamese woman can make your taste buds dance in tango. That’s the recipe for a real Asian bride adventure.

And here are a few reasons why I think that my fellow Westerners need to explore Vietnam, as it is the best country to find wonderful wives.

My fav facts about dating in Vietnam

  • Websites for dating beautiful Vietnamese women are used by 17.6% of US users of dating platforms, which is the highest rate
  • 28% of Vietnamese women and men use online dating platforms
  • According to the statistic, around 62% of Vietnamese women and 85% of men are single in their early 20s, and to their 30s the numbers change drastically to 25% and 52% respectively

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Conclusion – Which Asian women are best for Western men?

I think the Philippines is the best country to find a wife for foreign men, as the country has many women open to international relationships and the highest proficiency in English. Filipino are beautiful, easy-going, hard-working, and smart, and they can easily adapt to Western society, which makes them perfect partners.

No wonder why so many US guys marry Filipino brides among all the beautiful Asian girls in the region. Still, it all depends on your preferences and goals; all countries from this list deserve attention, just believe me!

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