GoldenBride Review: What Is It + How to Get On in 2024?

Golden Bride review.

Starting this Golden Bride review, I have a blank page in front of me. I have never heard about this premium international dating site, nor have I been recommended it before.

So, you may be wondering, am I spending my time on it? The answer is—forum fever!

When doing my usual googling for one of my upcoming blog posts, I kept stumbling upon GoldenBride discussions and comparisons to various dating sites. I got curious, as the Golden Bride reviews were quite mixed. And that’s how we got to here, so let’s roll!

What is Golden Bride?

Though I had no idea about it, GoldenBride has been around for quite a while since 2013. That’s 10 years! How could I miss it?

But I need to stop rumbling and show you what the dating site has to offer:

  • Golden Bride is one of the international dating sites that specializes in Eastern European women.
  • Becoming a member is free. GoldenBride has an easy registration process that takes less than 2 min.
  • The dating site has over 255K monthly visits, and most of the members come from the US and Ukraine.
  • Men dominate the site, with the dominant age of male members being 65+.
  • Finding attractive women is easy with a convenient search with 15+ filters and 3 sections: Top Online Ladies, New Profiles, and Top 1000.
  • The online dating site offers a variety of communication methods: live chat, mail, myCam video chat, and more.
  • Is Golden Bride free? The dating site is only partly free, with premium membership starting at $4.99 for 20 coins. Also, the site supports crypto payments for ultimate privacy.
  • The dating service doesn’t have an app yet.
  • Site owners don’t get many positive reviews, and most of them are quite mixed, like 3.5 stars from SiteJabber.

As you can see, there is a lot to explore about GoldenBrides, so hop on board, and let’s test what is good and what is wrong about the site.

How does Golden Bride work?

To start reviewing GoldenBride, I needed to join the site, as non-members can’t see profiles on the Golden Bride dating website.

To join I:

  • Visited
  • I filled out a short registration form that consisted of my name, email address, and password (also, there was an option of signing up via Facebook or Google account).
  • I created an attention-grabbing profile, as I know that beautiful women are choosing too, and your profile is your “business card” on the dating site.
  • And I started to search for hot Russian and Ukrainian brides!

Let me also provide you with some information that many people were curious about on forums I read:

  • You control what personal information you share
  • You don’t need to share your phone number, just an e-mail address
  • Adding a photo is not obligatory, but it boosts your online dating popularity
  • You can make changes to your profile afterward, but you can’t change name, age, or gender

And that’s basically it.

To start your dating experience on GoldenBride, you need:

  • Create an eye-catching profile with at least 1 pic
  • Communicate your dating preferences
  • Review potential matches among stunning Ukrainian ladies and girls from other countries in the region
  • Start chatting to Slavic women you like

And then you just enjoy your romantic journey!

Who is Golden Bride for?

Regardless of the broad service coverage, I managed to notice who will benefit the most from GoldenBride and who should better look for alternatives:

✅ Young hot Ukrainian girls and other ladies from the region who are open to serious international relationships with Western men

✅ Men from Western countries who want to find a wife from Eastern Europe

❌  Singles searching for easy hookups

❌ People who seek non-traditional relationships

In my experience, golden brides on the site are open to steamy chats and fun conversations, but they are also more drawn to deep conversations that help them get to know the person on a deeper level.

Let’s see how you can build that connection by exploring the features of the site. And, oh my! There are some services that I have never seen on dating sites before!

The Golden Bride dating site features reviewed 

Is Golden Bride legit? Yes, it’s a legitimate platform for meeting potential matches from the Eastern European region. I didn’t experience fake profiles or automated messages when testing the site, but I’m skipping ahead.

Read on and explore what the main features of the site are and what my experience using them was.

Latest update

I want to start with a unique, cool feature right away. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it in that form before. The Latest Update feature is a special notification tab more similar to Instagram as it shows all the latest updates members make to their profiles. There is also the Ladies Online section that helps you look for potential Ukrainian or Russian brides.


This feature is quite basic for all dating platforms. But I have quite positive reviews about GoldenBride’s version.

  • Search has 15+ filters
  • 4 unique sections
  • Easy to find the most compatible members

Convenient search saves a lot of time, and you can meet your golden brides faster 😉.

Sweet or Hot

It’s good old swiping that you already know I have a thing for…

I admit I love attractive women and looking at their photos. Especially if they are Slavic, I can’t help myself. Sorry, not sorry.

The Sweet or Hot feature will also keep you for hours. Thank God it’s free!

Live Chat

I liked that live chat is not just regular messages that you write and wait for hours. It’s created for instant communication, and members don’t wait to reply.

I had so many great conversations with girls from Ukraine, and they impressed me with their English knowledge, too!

Also, a cool thing about live chat is the MyCam feature, where you can see a person live. But from my experience, not all women are open to video chats. I’d say a minority. But I got lucky a few times and was able to see the beauty of women’s (but keep in mind that it’s not cheap).


I’m usually a more chat kind of guy, but for some reason, I got into letters on this site. I received a bunch of them and was genuinely interested in replying to them.

It was really a fun experience; there were no automated messages, and photo attachments were also a great addition. Definitely deserves some 🥐🥐!

Phone calls

This feature is also rare for dating platforms. If you are afraid of automated messages and ChatGPT getting good at talking to people, this service is for you.

It allows you to “book” a phone call. Timezones require scheduling, and it’s quite easy. You just add the girl’s profile ID and wait for time confirmation in your Contact List section. There, I was getting updates on all of the calls I had scheduled.

I think that it’s a great feature to avoid fake profiles, as you can just talk as you would in real life.

Send a gift

You know that I’m a romantic guy. And I think that people are getting less and less romantic these days…

I was happy to see this feature on the GordenBride, as it allows you to congratulate on an important event or just make a pleasant surprise.

The cost of gifts and flowers varies depending on the particular item you choose. But the cost starts at 30 coins for 11 red roses. And I need to talk about the variety of gifts and flowers available. Specifically, the gift certificate for the intensive English course was funny to see. However, I see how useful it can be.

Overall, I can say that the site has it all for smooth online dating. All the services I used worked just fine. And I checked, and there is customer support working 24/7. I’ve contacted customer support, and they got back to me in under 5 hours, which is pretty good.

Golden Bride pricing compared to other dating sites

The dating site runs on coins, a virtual currency that members can use to enjoy all of its features.

I like that more than having a monthly subscription. Why?

  • You don’t need to worry about remembering to cancel a monthly subscription (I don’t want even to admit how much I lost to my forgetfulness… and not-very-good dating sites)
  • You pay only for what you actually use
  • No hidden fees or unexpected costs—all control is in your hands

Also, coins on GoldenBride are quite flexible and come in different packs:

  • 20 coins for $4.99
  • 25 coins for $15
  • 101 coins for $50 (discounted price: $40)
  • 201 coins for $90 (discounted price: $75)
  • 350 coins for $140
  • 1,000 coins for $350
  • 1,500 coins for $500
  • 3,000 coins for $900

If you compare the price to other dating websites in the niche, it’s basically the same. Golden Bride is a mid-range platform.

Members have a few payment methods:

  • Verotel
  • LPB Bank
  • Crypto

And I appreciate crypto payments a lot, as they provide the most safety. However, it would be great if the Golden Bride site also added PayPal payments or other money apps.

Golden Bride profile examples: Russian and Ukrainian women

If you are curious about what type of women you can meet on GoldenBride, here is a woman’s profile to check out:

Golden Bride profile.

The first thing that I want to chat about is beautiful photos. Aren’t they jaw-dropping?

Believe me, it’s easy to say that all of the members are professional models. But I’ve been to Ukraine, and it’s true what they say about their natural beauty. I’ve been across the world, but they hold such a special place in my heart.

Another thing that I like about this profile is that you get a lot of information from the get-go. It allows us to see if there are some deal-breakers, like marital status or smoking habits.

Golden Bride profile.

The bottom part of the profile allows you to get a peek into the person’s personality, desires, and relationship goals. This is also spot on, as you can read and find a genuine partner who is on the same page in life.

Overall, I liked profiles on the dating service a lot. They provide a lot of information, 95% have 5+ photos added, and profile verification is also a great bonus that deserves some 🥐🥐🥐 from me!

Wrap-up and tips on how to use Golden Bride

Is Golden Bride a scam? No. I have no reason to think that the platform is not legit.

In my experience, I chatted and exchanged letters, photos, and videos with genuine ladies who were searching for love. Isn’t it all we search for?

I didn’t see fake profiles and didn’t get automatic messages, or at least they didn’t seem so.

I had a wonderful time testing all the features, and I’d say it was a positive bliss of the week as I also tested some other online dating sites that only gave me a headache.

I’m not sure if you’ll want to see that. But let me know if you do 😉.

Bonus tips on how to use GoldenBride to the fullest

Don’t you think I’ll forget to throw in some handy tips that will help you get the most out of the site? Here are a few tips from your loyal TheTravellingFrenchMan:

  • Keep an eye for discounts as they give you the best value for the buck
  • Search for promo codes (I haven’t used one, but there is a section to enter them, so they exist!)
  • Don’t communicate offsite, as you won’t be protected and liable for a refund in case of a scam (unfortunately, no site can guarantee 100% safety)

I hope that my tips will be useful, and if you decide to search for your love on Golden Bride, you’ll have a positive experience!

Philippe Berry
The Travelling French Man
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