NaomiDate Review: What Is It + How to Get On in 2024?

NaomiDate review.

Oh, hi there! I think that you are here because you are curious about my NaomiDate review. I don’t want to keep you waiting, as when researching this site (need to be frank, I’ve never heard about it before), I didn’t find any NaomiDate reviews, only discussions on forums asking, “Is NaomiDate legit?” or Is NaomiDate a scam?”.

I got curious, and here I am, getting ready to test the NaomiDate dating website and see if it’s TheTravellingFrenchMan approved.

Read on and get all the steamy details! ⬇️

What is NaomiDate in the online dating world?

NaomiDate is a platform for people who are seeking meaningful relationships, and it has just appeared this year (no wonder I haven’t heard about it yet 😅). Let’s start with some basics:

  • Registration and profile creation on NaomiDate is free globally
  • NaomiDate has a niche specialization in Asian women and has many singles from the Philippines, Thailand, China, and other Asian countries
  • The dating site has over 125K monthly visits (based on SimilarWeb stats), and most of the foreign members come from the US
  • There are both traditional and interactive searches
  • The platform offers a variety of communication features, including text, photo, video, and audio communication
  • The cost of credits on NaomiDate ranges from $12.99 for 35 credits to $200 for 1,000 credits
  • All new members get 30 free credits after signing up and email confirmation, as well as a first-purchase discount of 35 credits for $2.99
  • The reliable platform has 72% TrustScore from ScamAdviser and also uses an SSL certificate for user safety

But that’s just a pinch of all of the info you should know before deciding to join a site. Keep reading to see how I was trying to meet fascinating members and if I need translation services for chatting with hot Filipino women… spoiler alert—no, but Google Translate was my close buddy for the ride!

How does NaomiDate work in the dating industry?

One of the first things that caught my attention when I visited NaomiDate was the user-friendly interface and pleasant color scheme of the site. I believe that various factors influence the comfort of the site, but if the dating website is not user-friendly, regardless of how gorgeous the dates there are, I’m not going to use it in the long term.

But going back to how NaomiDate works, it’s basically a traditional dating platform. Once you visit the site, there is a short registration form, which is quite basic.

It took me around a minute to sign up, as registration through a Google account is also there, which deserves some 🥐 🥐 !

⚠️ But note that with Google account registration, you’ll need to spend some more time on profile creation, as most of the fields will remain blank. And as I don’t get tired of repeating—your dating profile is your business card and something members judge you on. So, take time to make it eye-catching!

To start your unforgettable love journey on NaomiDate, you should:

  • Get that profile popping! To meet potential soulmates, you need to add good, high-quality photos and share more info on your social background, relationship goals, and any other additional information that will help in meeting like-minded individuals.
  • Search for potential matches. Start searching via search filters, or there is my favorite feature for interactive matching Like. Focus on your interests and preferences to choose the most compatible members to approach.
  • Make use of those communication features. Don’t hold your horses and approach ladies you like. Also, be ready that potential matches will message you first, as I got over 20 messages on the first day!

So, basically, NaomiDate offers a similar dating service as other websites in the niche. You sign up, search, chat, and see if you want to test your online connection IRL.

Who is NaomiDate dating site for?

For a better understanding of the main intentions of the members on the site, I chatted with over 70 women from all across Asia. As I created a male profile, I didn’t get to talk to men, but I learned a lot about what type of men register to NaomiDate from the conversations with the ladies.

Here is what I noted:

  • Most of the female members on the site are single women from Asian countries who are looking for meaningful relationships with men from abroad.
  • Most male members are from the US and other Western countries and are searching for a foreign wife.

So, based on my findings, I can say that:

✅ NaomiDate is for people who have serious relationship goals and want to connect with singles who are ready for commitment.

❌ It’s not the best option for people who seek hookups and casual relationships.

NaomiDate features

It was so cool to take a closer look at what the user-friendly interface can do in action and what exactly the website has to offer potential users.


I’ve started with a search for potential matches, as every person who gets to a place with so many hot women wants to start connecting with potential dates ASAP. There are many accounts, and the search has filters (age range, location, religion, etc.) to narrow the pool of candidates based on your preferences.

Every time I changed the details of my search, I was getting different results. 

Oh, and 15+ filters definitely get 🥐 from me!

Live chats

The next section of my review was dedicated to testing communication, as I added over 50 girls to my favorites and couldn’t wait to test my French charm on them.

NaomiDate offers quite a selection of communication ways, and I got to test them all.

As you know, I’m a live chat guy, so instant messaging is what I tested right away. It’s one of the standout features on the site, as it combines all forms of chatting under one roof.

  • Text chat. That’s a standard messaging feature that we all use and love. I had no problems with it. Women were open to communication, and the reply rate was actually bomb—over 93%.
  • Photo exchange. It’s a cool way to get to know your potential matches even closer. Is NaomiDate safe for photo exchange? Your data is not shared with other members, but I’d recommend exchanging photos where there are no easily recognizable features of you.
  • Video exchange. It’s a way to make things even more steamy. But at the same time, it’s the second-best thing after video chat (as there is no such thing available at the moment). Not all women on the website send videos, and this service can get pretty expensive.
  • Audio messages. Another way to enhance communication. I liked to hear the voices of the ladies I chatted with, though many felt really shy. But for me, that was a good sign that it’s not a scam.

📌 Note: if you receive spam or feel like a member of the website you interact with is fake or a scammer, you can report the profile. NaomiDate has a strict moderation team managing the site.

I had no need to test reporting, but I wanted to test the speed of the customer support, and they got back to me in under 6 hours (which for email-based support is good results).

So, security gets 🥐 from me too!

Email correspondence

If you like to interact in a more lengthy form, then you’ll like email correspondence. That’s also a standout feature, as many singles like to send letters.

I’ve received probably over 30, at least.

Reading the first letter is free. I’ve noticed that women who write letters are not just trying to get the attention of a guy on the internet. They want to connect with like-minded individuals and share their interests, likes, hopes, and dreams.

Additionally, photo attachments are also a great bonus of mail.

Special features

NaomiDate also provides a lot of features that are not that standard to enhance the online dating experience, help people connect on a deeper level, or just have some fun.


I like regular search, but Like makes things fun. You don’t enter the details you want to search for, but you are offered an account (actually photos of a person) that you can like or move on to the next lady.

A fun way of connecting, and I don’t want to mention how many hours I spent “liking”…🙈 

Online now

That’s a place to find members who are on the site at the moment. It seems so minor, but I like instant communication, and on some websites, women are replying once in a blue moon.

This is not my story.

I like to have quality conversations and don’t wait for a person to reply. If you are the same, this section will be a hit for you.


The Virgo in me likes to keep things organized.

So, I really appreciate when dating sites offer Favorites. I keep all of my top interests in there. This way, I don’t forget about any hottie!

Similar Girls

NaomiDate is a genie. I don’t know how they analyze my interests and desires, but their recommendations in Similar Girls are always spot on!

Activity tracking

The Notifications tab on the right section of the screen shows all the interactions of other members with your profile. It’s quite convenient, as you don’t miss out on any member showing you attention.

Oh, and it doesn’t feel like spam, as you are not getting messages all the time. Or at least I wasn’t that popular.

NaomiDate pricing compared to other dating sites

Is NaomiDate free? No. The standard membership is free, but premium features require credits. Currently, the cost of them is:

  • 35 credits – $12.99
  • 50 credits – $19
  • 100 credits – $33
  • 250 credits – $75
  • 400 credits – $100
  • 1,000 credits – $200

Compared to the other dating websites in the niche, the price is quite similar and mid-range. Additionally, there is a bonus for all new members:

🔥 20 credits after you sign up

🔥 10 credits for email confirmation

🔥 One-time offer of 35 credits for $2.99 instead of $12.99

NaomiDate profile examples

I have a little bonus for you. As NaomiDate profiles don’t show in the browser, I decided to give you a sneak peek into the types of women you can meet there.

I liked that 95% of members added 5+ photos. You can get a full idea of how a particular person looks.

This section of the profile also has a lot of useful data. I was able to learn about preferences, dating goals, and many other essential things about each woman before actually talking. That saves a lot of time, as you can see your “deal-breakers” right away.

Wrap-up and tips on how to use NaomiDate

Oh, what a journey it was!

I liked my time using NaomiDate. I had so many great chats without feeling any language barriers. And the platform made it really easy to look for and contact singles.

So, my final thoughts are that the platform is definitely worth your attention if you seek meaningful connections and don’t mind spending money on communication.

But don’t think that I’ll leave you without some farewell tips on how to use NaomiDate:

  • Get those free credits; they are worth good money!
  • Make your profile stand out with hot pics and a sense of humor
  • Put your security first; no website can protect your data 100%

Bonne chance! ✨

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