Where & How to Find Japanese Wife? — 4 Best Places to Meet a Wife in Japan

For 2 months in Japan, I saw many Japanese women, but frankly speaking, my charm wasn’t working as effectively as I expected. And I’m not that unfortunate; you know my French-British genes hit the mark.

And that made me wonder…is it possible to find a Japanese wife as a foreigner, considering that I got that little attention? As usual, I’ve researched the issue a bit and asked several of my new Japanese friends if ladies are into foreign guys at all and where to meet Japanese brides in 2023.

So, here is my deep dive into how to find a Japanese wife. No Holmes is needed this time 🙂

TheTravellingFrenchMan’s Notes

Is it easy to find a wife in Japan? No, but it’s easier if you know how. So, if you don’t like to keep on waiting, here is a sneak peek into my notes:

  • 📌 International and mail order bride sites have Japanese women ready for commitment. Try SakuraDate, as I believe it works the best in Japan.
  • 📌 Travel to Japan. Oh, la-la, you’ll have a trip of a lifetime. But plan your trip beforehand to save on tickets. What are the best cities in Japan to find a wife? Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.
  • 📌 You can give social media a try if you have a lot of time to waste. And the best part is that it’s totally free.
  • 📌 Marriage agencies can save you a lot of time, but be ready to spend $5,000+, and finding a reliable one is a pain.

1. Online dating in Japan

What I’ve heard from many Japanese ladies and guys is that online dating sites are the most popular place to find singles. I’ve asked a few of my new Japanese friends and a few strangers I’ve interviewed for my blog about what dating sites they would recommend me as a foreigner looking for a Japanese mail order bride.

I’ve got 20+ recommendations, but the most common platforms that were recommended, and therefore, probably the best dating sites, are these 3 down below.

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The interesting thing is that there are two categories of platforms suitable for people wondering how to get a Japanese wife:

International dating sites

Examples: EasternHoneys or Japanese Cupid

These dating sites usually offer to meet not just Japanese women but also other women from the region, like Asian women or ladies from all over the world. Usually, members of such platforms have different dating goals, and only around 10-15% of them are interested in a serious relationship.

Mail order bride dating sites

Examples: SakuraDate or TheLuckyDate

These are quite popular places to find a Japanese wife, as the concept of a mail order bride aligns well with the local Konkatsu phenomenon. Women on such sites are usually called Japanese mail order brides, and they register there to meet a foreign husband. So, these websites are an easier way to find a girl looking for marriage, but you can’t literally buy a Japanese wife there (that’s not legal, not tolerant, and inadequate, as you understand).

Local dating apps

Examples: Tinder, Bumble, and Pairs

Local dating apps also have thousands of beautiful Japanese women. You can find different Japanese singles nearby when you travel to the country. But the thing is, local dating apps don’t show users who are interested in long-term relationships and potential marriage to foreigners.

From my experience, the majority use them to get a hot date for a night and different types of casual relationships. I tried to find someone decent there, and many women replied, but they were not looking for commitment. I even went on a date with one of the girls I found on Tinder, but I understood from the first moments that she was looking for a sugar daddy, aka sponsor, not love and marriage.

So, going for international dating sites and mail order bride platforms that specialize in Asian regions is way more effective if you want to find a wife. You meet people who are on the same page as you, and don’t waste time and money on just chatting.

Don’t waste your time on these dating sites

I have very high requirements for sites that I recommend to you. And in 90% of cases, I kiss the frogs that don’t turn out to be princesses.

Just because a site claims to have women from Japan or Japanese brides doesn’t make it legit or effective!

Here is an example of two such platforms for dating in Japan that I recommend avoiding.

Site to avoidWhat’s wrong with it?Why avoid?
www.truelovejapan.comIt claims to be fully freeTrueLoveJapan states that there is 85% success rateThe site states that everybody must provide ID photo for registration, but I wasn’t asked for identity confirmationFree platforms are full of scammers and fake profilesIt’s impossible to calculate the success rate of the relationships on the site, as all the information should remain confidential, and your messages should not be analyzedNo verified members lead to a higher chance of fake profiles and scammers
japanpassions.comIt markets as a free Japanese dating site, but at the same time, there is a premium membership for $4.95 a monthA lot of adsThe interface is not user-friendly and is outdatedFree Asian dating sites attract scammers who usually don’t like to spend on their scam schemesUnclear pricing is confusingIt’s very annoying when there are a ton of pop-ups and ads on the site (premium subscription allows reducing ads)

Stay away from these sites (though you can find them on top of other people) because they won’t help you find a wife. In the best-case scenario, you’ll just chat with someone, and in the worst-case scenario, you’ll lose money or sensitive information like bank info, photos, etc.

To stay safe when searching for your Japanese partner:

  1. Choose only trustworthy platforms.
  2. Mind what information you share online. Don’t add photos from your public social media accounts, phone numbers, and personal info you don’t want to go public.
  3. Never send money to strangers, regardless of what situation they tell you they are in.

Basic safety tips will help you avoid wasting time and money. Oh, and checking out my reviews is always a good idea, too 😉.

2. Traveling to Japan to meet a future wife

As a diehard fan of traveling, I couldn’t help but recommend visiting Japan. Your trip to the Land of the Rising Sun will definitely be one to remember, and this way, you can meet Japanese brides as well as explore the Japanese culture I literally in love with.

Who should search for Japanese ladies offline?

Going to the country itself to have that romantic bliss of meeting Japanese women in the coffee shop or sakura park will be a good option for:

  • Foreign men who are already interested in Japanese mail-order wives and are open to some adventure
  • People who are passionate about traveling and have the means for it
  • Those who don’t like online dating services and prefer to meet Japanese girls in real life

However, there may be better variants than real-life dating for some people and for some reasons. Who should try other options? 

Visiting Japan for a love search is not the best option for

However, dating Japanese women offline is not for everyone. The following groups of Western men should better meet Japanese women online:

  • Guys who are not ready to spend a lot on travel, accommodation, and dining, as search IRL may result in a tidy sum…believe me, my bank account wasn’t happy with me staying in the country for a bit over 2 months.
  • Shy ones. Guys who get frustrated with making introductions and taking the lead. Japanese women are not Western ladies; they won’t come to you asking on a date (in 99% of cases)
  • Those who are not ready to invest time, at least a month. Searching for a Japanese girl you like is not a 5 min thing. Believe me, there are thousands of beautiful Japanese women in Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo. But finding a match, let alone who is ready for married life, is a tough nut to crack.

Don’t hesitate to choose other variants to meet someone special if you see yourself among these guys. Luckily, there are many options to choose without unnecessary stress 🙂

When to travel to the country to look for a Japanese wife?

If you still decide to go to Japan, late March to early May is the best season to see the pink and white blossoms. And summer months are best for enjoying festivals and outdoor activities, like the famous Gion Matsuri in Kyoto.

By the way, the beaches in Okinawa and Hokkaido are also popular destinations to meet Japanese women in summer.

What challenges you may face searching for Japanese wives

As I’ve mentioned, despite my French charm, Japanese women weren’t head over heels for me from the moment I looked at them.

But jokes aside, I’d asked people I’ve talked to in Japan what the most common hardships of foreign men searching for a Japanese girl in the country were.

Here is what they told me!

Japanese society and cultural differences

Cultural differences are among the biggest issues. It might be from the top of your head, but misunderstandings and offending your Japanese lady just because you had no idea of some custom can kill any romantic vibe.

And dating culture is also not the same as in the West.

Language issues

The language barrier can be a real pain. I’m fluent in French and English, and can even speak a bit of German, but many times in smaller cities, I felt helpless without my Japanese guides.

Also, Japanese society is not very Westernized, so many local women just don’t speak English at all.

Translators can help, but it makes communication challenging and makes it hard to create an initial bond, which is very important during the first stages of a relationship.

Challenges of finding a Japanese girlfriend ready to relocate

I’d never thought of it if one of my travel friends didn’t tell me his story.

He is a New York shark who is working in a company that has many board members in Japan. So he had to travel to Japan quite often and sometimes spend more time there than in the US.

He used a local online dating site and went on a couple of dates, as at this point, he spoke some decent Japanese (he is not like me at all; he has the brain for learning the Japanese language and his special charisma of a quite serious businessman).

That’s how he met his “Japanese mail order bride”. They dated for a year, and everything was fine, with its ups and downs. But they broke up because of a very simple thing—his foreign bride was just not ready to leave everything behind (her family members who stayed in Japan, her job, her hobby teachers) and move.

So, if you are going to search for a Japanese wife, make sure that both of you are on the same page about where and how to start your happy married life.

Best cities in Japan to find a wife

Picking your love destination in Japan should be a strategic decision, as not all cities are the same when it comes to the ease of dating for a foreigner. Here are some of the recommendations that I think work the best:

  1. Tokyo. The city of historic shrines and temples will wow you with their majesty, as well as centuries-old traditional art forms of Noh, Kabuki, and Rakugo. But the city is also a go-to if you are looking for a partner for a serious relationship. And if you want to wow your potential bride on the first date, consider taking her to Tokyu Kabukicho Tower or Roppongi Hills Observation Deck.
  2. Osaka. From the sparkling heart of Osaka, Dotonbori, to USJ, there are a bunch of things to see and do in this city. Osaka is a great place to meet gorgeous women, but you can also have fun dates, trying Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki (my fave!) or visiting one of the famous festivals.
  3. Kyoto. This city has a lot to offer both travelers and daters. From Arashiyama to hundreds of temples, it’s not a place to get bored. But the city is also known for Geisha culture, which is so fun to explore. And talking about the bomb first date idea, a stroll in Kyoto Botanical Gardens or a nice meal in Bamboo—Higashiyama Sanjo.

Plan your trip to these cities and increase your chances of meeting your future Japanese wife offline.

Where to look for a beautiful Japanese woman interested in serious relationships?

Analyzing everything I’ve heard and researched, the best places to look for a Japanese girl interested in finding a foreign husband are:

  • Social events and gatherings, like festivals or sports clubs (karate/judo)
  • Language schools or hobby clubs
  • Volunteer work or community service events
  • Art and cultural exhibitions

Yet, from my personal point of view, online dating sites, like those I’ve mentioned before, should lead the rating for foreign men.

Some bonus tips from your TravelingFrenchMan

  • Explore so-called izakayas, a fav place of Japanese people after work
  • Karaoke bars always have so many sexy Japanese women
  • Shopping districts, such as Shibuya and Harajuku in Tokyo or Dotonbori in Osaka, have many young Japanese ladies
  • And if you are looking for a trip to the perfect location for the first date, consider Yoyogi Park in Tokyo for a long stroll and then a cute coffee date in Streamer Coffee Company

3. Social Media Apps

Another popular way to find a Japanese wife that is a go-to of many Japanese men, as well as foreigners, is social media apps. Social media culture is thriving in Japan, and most Japanese ladies love posting on their social media platforms.

According to Statista, most Japanese women and men use these social media:

  • Line
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

Even though there is a chance you find a Japanese girl you like on Instagram, your chances of finding a future Japanese wife are still pretty low. But if you still want to use social media to search for your Japanese partners, try this:

  • Make your Instagram or Facebook profile aimed at dating (add good photos, no other women, and good bio)
  • Use hashtags like #single #lookforabride #seekdates #singlereadytomingle
  • You can write an introduction post saying that you are searching for a serious relationship and describe your ideal woman (if you are brave enough)
  • Use location searches and approach women daily
  • Search by different Japanese hashtags and go to Instagram pages of popular restaurants or cafes to see who tagged them

Dating through social media doesn’t work for many because they are not Asian mail order brides sites, and they weren’t created for Japanese dating or any dating intentions for that matter. However, if you feel like trying, keep my advice in mind.

4. Marriage Agency & Brokers

Japanese wedding traditions have long been connected with the omiai phenomenon, aka arranged marriages. I was really surprised that it still exists, which made me think that it might be an option for guys who want to find a wife in the Japanese city. Here are some examples of Japanese marriage agencies:

Marriage agencyWhat they offerPricesWhat do I think about it?
traditionaljapanesematchmaker.usOmiai setting (online/face-to-face)Relationship supportMatchmaking Consultation on Zoom (additional is $155 for 30 minutes)Travel supportFull Membership is $3,500 for 1 year$200 extra per meeting after having 3 dates in JapanThe site seems to be well-made, but there are not that many testimonials, considering the site claims to have operated for 25 years. Also, I don’t like hidden fees for consultations and extra dates.
marriagematching.loveFinding a perfect matchOmiai meetingsNo clear pricing before booking a consultation (I’m not sure it’s free either)The site is very confusing. There’s a lot of text, but it’s hard to read, and all the information is organized chaotically. No price or clear service list is available.

I can’t call myself a fan of marriage agencies, as they seem creepy to me. Photos on testimonials (if there were any) looked like they were staged to show a happy family. But if there are any really professional agencies, they can work for people who want specialists to pick the most compatible person, which, in theory, is good.

But before you commit to this option for a Japanese bride search, check out the pros and cons I found in this way of connecting to Japanese beauties.

  • You get a personalized and more structured approach (personality/life goals/family views matching)
  • You meet Japanese mail order wives who are open to international marriages
  • You save time and effort searching for compatible Japanese brides
  • There are many Japanese mail order brides fraudulent practices
  • Brokers and matchmakers charge big fees for their services
  • You might be hit by many “unexpected” fees when searching for your Japanese mail order wife

As you can see, matchmakers and brokers are an option to consider, as I think it might help some to find a Japanese amour, but frankly, I think searching online is cheaper and more effective.

Сonclusion: Is it real to find a Japanese woman for marriage?

Oh yes! From what I’ve learned, many foreign men find beautiful Japanese brides, and their marriages are 50% stronger than among locals in the US.

Though there are so many options to meet single Japanese women, the most effective one for people with the intention of international marriage is online dating websites.

And, of course, as a big lover of exploring the world, I can’t forget to mention visiting Japan. And if you want to really make a smart move, I recommend finding a Japanese girl for marriage online first, and then after some time, when you are sure that everything is rolling, come and visit her.

Philippe Berry
The Travelling French Man
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I’m passionate about exploring the world, enjoying the best of it, meeting new people, and falling in love. I believe that love and travel are what I was made for. And I’m here to share my story and honest opinions with you!